Who is Corey Allen?

Corey Allen was born and raised in Pineville, Louisiana and has recently relocated to Nashville, Tennessee! From a young age he always had a dream of becoming a professional singer some day. He realized his dream could become a reality when the first season of American Idol aired. Kelly Clarkson, a contestant on the first season, was his biggest inspiration at that time. After seeing that someone from a small town in Texas could make it onto such a large stage, with millions of eyes watching them do the one thing they are the most passionate about, Corey was inspired and believed that he could do that too.

But life isn't that simple is it? Childhood got a little rough, things weren't going to plan, and slowly Corey's mental health began to decline. By the end of high school, Corey suffered from severe, chronic depression and this big dream he once had was no longer present in his mind. He was living life in survival mode, doing all he could to just make it through each day. Corey worked normal jobs like the average American, paid his bills, and tried to make something of himself in the only ways he knew how. And he had many failures, which only further deteriorated his confidence and self worth. Music was not a part of Corey's life for many, many years. 

Until one day, after losing his brother in a car accident at the age of 18, Corey heard the song "Dancing in the Sky" by Dani and Lizzy and the song spoke to him on such a deep level, and helped him through some of his darkest feelings of grief. Corey recognized how powerful music could be, and how much it was helping him through some of the darkest days of his life, and he decided to cover the song by Dani and Lizzy. Singing the song, and expressing the emotions he felt through what he was singing gave him one of the most powerful feelings of healing, and in that moment he knew, that is what he had been searching for for all of those years. That was the piece that had been missing in his life, the piece that he had forgotten about all those years ago. 

Corey decided to post a clip of that cover to TikTok in 2020, and he quickly began to gain a following that expressed how much his voice and his message was helping them through their dark days of grief and/or mental health battles. This touched Corey's heart to the core and he knew that this is what his purpose on this planet is. Corey always had a deep desire to help people, it is why he once went after a career as an EMT, and later went to school to be a Registered Nurse. But those paths never panned out for him, because there was still something missing. But now he had found that missing piece, and seeing the impact music was having on people gave him the push to dive deep into this new career. 

Along the way, Corey has gained an impressive following on TikTok, and has made some pretty substantial connections. Corey has released a couple songs, and has written many more that will be released in the near future. Corey says "the dream is not to become famous or to have millions of dollars. Sure, that is an obvious goal and would be an incredible achievement, but the dream is to be able to inspire, touch, and possibly heal as many people as possible through my music."

Today, Corey's biggest inspiration not only personally, but stylistically is Billie Eilish. Corey explains that "Billie's ability to express such a deep level of emotion and intimacy through her vocals alone is such a rare yet powerful quality, and I feel blessed to share that ability, and I want to share that with the world." Corey's start in the music industry may have started a little later than others, but don't let that fool you because when someone is truly born for this, that will shine through immediately, and based off of the response he gets from his fans, Corey shines like a light in the dark.